Overview: The Community Gardens Capture Team was created to serve as an educational network for Community Gardens established by the Community Foundation of the Alleghenies approximately six years ago. During the Capture Team’s assessment, the members found that some gardens in our area were well established, while others lacked volunteers and leadership. After attending presentations about proper gardening techniques for about a year, the garden leaders took their knowledge back to their communities to implement what they had learned. All gardens are managed and partially funded by nonprofit organizations, school districts and a public housing development.

Accomplishments/Projects: The current active community gardens include Laurel Avenue Gardens, 8th Ward Gardens, Sandyvale Community Gardens, Hornerstown Community Gardens, Kernville Connects Community Center Gardens, Harmony Gardens, and Moxham Lutheran Church Gardens. Each community garden has its own group or leader who tends to it during the year, and each garden serves as a community resource to provide food to those in need.