Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2022-01-07T11:51:13-05:00
How did Vision Together 2025 get its start?2022-01-31T15:02:09-05:00

In 2014, a project team conducted a survey through the Johnstown-Tribune Democrat and interviewed local community leaders and members mainly asking the question, “What can we do collectively to move Johnstown forward?” From those interviews and discussions, Carnegie Mellon University developed a strategic plan for our city in 2015.

What is Vision Together?2022-01-06T16:41:36-05:00

This is a community-based effort centered around the vision of building a better community through a strategic focus on three core components: a vibrant local economy, life-sustaining landscapes, and a strong sense of community.

What are the goals of Vision Together?2022-09-29T12:37:51-04:00

Vision Together 2025 – The Johnstown Strategy has seven collaborative goals related to our people and our economy.

People Priorities

  • Develop Our Current and Future Leaders by Mentoring and Investing in Our Youth
  • Improve Health and Wellness

Economic Priorities

  • Improve the Economic Vitality of Greater Johnstown
  • Invest In and Grow Regional Recreational Amenities
  • Promote Johnstown as a desirable place to live, work and visit
  • Sustain and Leverage Arts and Cultural Organizations
  • Support Best Practices in Public, Civic, and Private Systems and Processes

Check out our action plan to learn more: Vision Together 2025 Action Plan

Is there a timeframe for Vision goals to be completed?2022-09-29T12:28:33-04:00

It will take an extraordinary collaboration of private, public, non-profit, education and faith-based stakeholders to accomplish the seven goals by 2025. Community visioning is an on-going and adaptive process. There is no end point, per se, but projects and priorities have been identified, funded, and finished along the way, and there are plenty more in the pipeline.

What is a Capture Team?2022-09-29T12:40:28-04:00

There are smaller subdivisions of Vision Together called Capture Teams. These groups are comprised of passionate people working together to achieve a specific goal in support of Vision and its strategic plan.

Capture Team categories are: Bikes and Trails, Adaptive Reuse, Community Gardens, Greenspace, Train Station, United Neighborhoods, and Treevitalize. Each capture team has a main focus with an end goal in mind.

Anyone can form a capture team or be a member of one. If you have a project to improve Johnstown, we want to hear from you. Or if you want to join a Capture Team that interests you, contact us to get started.

What types of projects have the Capture Teams completed?2022-01-06T16:41:13-05:00

The Capture Teams have experienced great success through recent accomplishments like:

  • Revitalization of the Inclined Plane trail system and the James Wolfe Sculptures and Rolling Mine historic trail.
  • Highlighted our downtown area through various projects to accelerate the potential for economic growth.
  • Supported and inspired gardeners and churches to share produce, instruction and recipes with local youth and their parents while also inspiring other neighborhoods to start gardens of their own.
  • Made improvements to the Sandyvale Conservancy Greenhouse and the Jim Mayer Riverwalk.
  • Completed Hometown Heroes project at the Johnstown Train Station, PNG Park meadow restoration, pet friendliness stations, and trail overhauls.
  • Planted 1,000 tulip daffodil and crocus bulbs in downtown Johnstown Central Park.
  • Created Inclined Plane Bike Trails Work Day, every Saturday, weather permitting.
  • Enhanced river access by developing marketing campaigns and river-themed events to position our rivers as important assets to promote for economic and community growth.
What types of projects are currently in the works?2022-01-06T16:41:06-05:00

For the most up-to-date information regarding ongoing projects, events and volunteer opportunities, follow Vision on Facebook and/or Instagram

Do I have to raise my own funding if I want to lead a Capture Team?2022-01-06T16:41:00-05:00

Not necessarily. It’s more important to be organized with a specific vision and an idea regarding action steps and key stakeholders. Capture Teams are awarded funds based on a given team’s level of organization around a given project.

I’d like to make a monetary donation to Vision, how do I do so?2022-09-29T12:45:33-04:00

Thank you in advance for your support. Your generosity will help us complete all the projects to improve our city while also aiding the selfless volunteers who make these projects come to fruition.