Open Leadership

Overview: In 2017, Western Pennsylvania Conservancy conducted a comprehensive inventory of all public trees within the City of Johnstown. The combination of a strong interest in community forestry by Vision 2025 stakeholders, a demonstrated need for improving the city’s urban canopy, and a generous grant from the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies, allowed the “Trees for Johnstown” project to begin. Since Trees for Johnstown began, Vision has increased tree count in the city by 8.6% through targeted, community-oriented plantings.

Accomplishments/Projects: Over 150 new trees have been planted at an investment of approximately $125,000 over 4 years. Four major community plantings have been held (Fall ‘17, Spring ‘18, Fall ‘18, and Spring ‘21.) The plantings have been highly successful, visible, and well received by residents and supporting agencies. The trees also directly support “placemaking,” identified by the community as a major goal within Vision Together 2025 and affirmed at a series of stakeholder workshops in May 2021. The Capture Team plans to plant 50 more trees in the city of Johnstown within the next year.

Update: In 2023, Vision Together 2025 and the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies applied for and were awarded a grant for $659,300 to plant over 400 trees in the Johnstown area to continue this effort. We will be forming a committee in 2024 to help with the placement of the new trees and planting will start in 2025, or sooner.